25 years of opitek

25 years of opitek


On October 1, 2023, Opitek celebrates its 25th anniversary.

I’m very proud and happy that we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary. It means a lot to us working in the company, that we’ve been able to build our business on top of our customers’ loyalty. Without our customers there would be no anniversary.

So, first of all a huge thanks to all our customers.

I’d also like to thank our loyal suppliers. A large number of them have been with us for all 25 years.

On a personal note, I’d like to express my gratitude to our dedicated employees, my family, all my valued colleagues in the medico business and all other professionals I’ve been working with during the years. Without your support and cooperation there would be no celebration.

I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with Opitek and to create future growth with the company and you.

My best wishes

Peter Christensen

CEO, founder


Bonus info (nice to know or need to know):

The name OPITEK was made up in a couple of hours on September 30, 1998, when founding the company. It is made up of 3 word elements in Danish:

OP = OPerationsstue udstyr/OPeratingroom equipment

I = Instruments/Innovation

TEK = Medical TEKnologi/technology

I learned later that the world’s first patient surviving open heart surgery was in fact called Henry Opitek – a thought-provoking connection to surgery too.

Also, Opitek is a Polish family name, which however has never led to any misunderstandings.

EORNA 2022

EORNA 2022

EORNA 2022 – Winds of change 🏥

Our profession is constantly changing to enhance perioperative care, with more advanced technology for quality and safety of patient care in operating theatres.

“Winds of change” was the theme of the 10th biennial congress of the European Operating Room Nurses Association which was held in the beautiful city of Stavanger in Norway.

Our colleagues Tine Friis and Peter Christensen attended the conference and saw some interesting new trends of change.

Especially we want to highlight the new paradigm in getting disposable patient positioning equipment to go hand in hand with patient safety.

An example of this is the lateral positioning system Hip Fix, where single use pads are used for each surgical procedure to reduce cross contamination in hip replacement/revision procedures.

Opitek International has  acquired PediStirrup© from IMDS

Opitek International has acquired PediStirrup© from IMDS

PediStirrup© has been on the market since 2009, originally manufactured by IMDS (Interventional Medical Device Solutions) (NL) and developed in cooperation with University Medical Center Groningen (NL).

PediStirrup© is the solution for pediatric laparoscopy and other pediatric procedures requiring lithotomy positioning, especially where intraoperative repositioning may be required.

PediStirrup© represents the exclusive device designed for safe and flexible lithotomy positioning of babies (starting with newborn) and children with body lengths up to 1.40 meters.

The product has developed into a must-have tool for pediatric physicians in their operating theaters worldwide to perform surgeries successfully. The PediStirrup© has been designed together with these users, has patented features, has been rigorously tested in practice and holds a solid global network for both sales and service that Opitek International (DK) has been a part of from the beginning.

In 2017 Opitek International acquired the exclusive worldwide sales rights from IMDS and in line with this successful development, IMDS and Opitek International are now pleased to announce that Opitek International has taken full ownership of the PediStirrup© as of May 29, 2020.

Opitek International is therefore now also responsible for the manufacturing, assembling, distribution and service of this system, including MDR (class 1) compliance responsibility.

With this new ownership, the PediStirrup© system will receive maximum focus offering long-lasting benefits to the users and their small and vulnerable (pediatric) patients.

ISO 13485:2016 certification

ISO 13485:2016 certification

It is time to celebrate: Our ISO 13485:2016 certificate arrived today. 15 months of hard work can now be beneficially turned into customer advantages. We are looking forward to be working with the Medical Device Community under the “new” certified conditions.