Opitek International has  acquired PediStirrup© from IMDS

Opitek International has acquired PediStirrup© from IMDS

PediStirrup© has been on the market since 2009, originally manufactured by IMDS (Interventional Medical Device Solutions) (NL) and developed in cooperation with University Medical Center Groningen (NL).

PediStirrup© is the solution for pediatric laparoscopy and other pediatric procedures requiring lithotomy positioning, especially where intraoperative repositioning may be required.

PediStirrup© represents the exclusive device designed for safe and flexible lithotomy positioning of babies (starting with newborn) and children with body lengths up to 1.40 meters.

The product has developed into a must-have tool for pediatric physicians in their operating theaters worldwide to perform surgeries successfully. The PediStirrup© has been designed together with these users, has patented features, has been rigorously tested in practice and holds a solid global network for both sales and service that Opitek International (DK) has been a part of from the beginning.

In 2017 Opitek International acquired the exclusive worldwide sales rights from IMDS and in line with this successful development, IMDS and Opitek International are now pleased to announce that Opitek International has taken full ownership of the PediStirrup© as of May 29, 2020.

Opitek International is therefore now also responsible for the manufacturing, assembling, distribution and service of this system, including MDR (class 1) compliance responsibility.

With this new ownership, the PediStirrup© system will receive maximum focus offering long-lasting benefits to the users and their small and vulnerable (pediatric) patients.